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The '갓' is the Korean traditional hat. 

briskeen travel with this '갓'

I was proud of Europe travel with '갓'.

I didn't have any thought to go Europe but I found the cheapest flight ticket to Europe.

I bought that ticket immediately.

My travel period was 25th Janurary to 16th Februrary.

It was my first time to go abroad alone.

I already had some travel experience in Korea whereas I felt that abroad is dangerous.

So I decided to go Europe with '갓' 

And made some brave with myself.

My start of traveling was Gwanghwamoon(광화문) in Seoul.

In front of 광화문(Gwang Hwa Moon)

Germany-United Kingdom-France-Spain-Portugal 22 nights 23 days

It was my travel route.

Before the travel I didn't make any plan in Europe.

I just booked the hostel, train, flight and bus.

Those were all of my prepare to go Europe so I didn't know anything in Europe to do.

Time goes so fast finally I faced departure day at 25th January. 

So I arrived Frankfurt Germany. First day of my traveling I just slept all day long.

10 hours flight made me tired.

Second day I went to Koln.

In front of Koln Cathedral

I felt awesome with that because that Cathedral was the my first building to me in Europe.

I couldn't believe how did make that ? Maybe alien helped to build that...


after Koln and Heidelberg I went to Frankfurt to Berlin with Night train.

I arrived Berlin and I took the Berlin history tour.

I met 2 gorgeous ladies from Ireland.

briskeen(orange) & jessica & kayleigh

We felt so happy to meet together and I felt that was kinda of coincidence to meet.

They took me very well because at that time I gonna be hangover.

Thank you Jess & Kayleigh.

In front of Brandenburg gate.

I went there almost at midnight so tomorrow I woke up late.

That day was my flight day Berlin to London because of my overslept.

I bought a new flight ticket to London at 100 euros.

I spent 7 hours in Berlin airport.

In front of National Gallery, London.

He liked Bumkey (Korean Hiphop artist) and we followed together on Instagram.

In the London sky garden.

She requested to me take a picture together.

in front of Big ben, London

There were 3 people in there maybe raining? I requested to English Gentleman.

He took my picture.

emirates stadium, London

I watched the soccer game in Emirates stadium.

Arsenal vs Watford

Watford won Arsenal, 2:1.

It was coool game if I have chance to go Europe. I will see again.

After Soccer game, I went to Victoria station to take a night bus to Paris.

Night bus was so good. I slept very well in there.

In front of Eiffel tower. With 2 French guys

Mike & Yoann & briskeen(orange)

We went around eiffel tower for 3 hours  together. Yoann was good at magic.

He showed me a little magic.

Briskeen(orange) & Irina

We went to Louvre Museum at night because at that day was night opening day.

There were a few people in there so I felt happy.

Irina from Russia and she is good at drawing like a painter.

She gave a present to me drew on 부채


Palace of Versailles

I love this pic too

Our memory, Diaz&Julie, Maike, Irina

we drew our face together.

Winner was exactly Irina.

Thank you Diaz, Julie, Maike and Irina.

I miss u so much.

We will meet later at Paris.

Starbucks in Champs Elysees, Paris

Tara        Pris

Briskeen         Maike

at that day We went around Champs Elysees all day together.

So happy to met them.

They were Belgium University student.

mont saint michel

so beautiful place

After Paris, I went to Barcelona.

I saw 

sagrada familia

You have to see this cathedral in life.

I was lucky to see this one.

barceloneta beach

La Rambla, Barcelona Spain.

We met in La Rambla and took a picture together. 

Tomorrow we met again and had a dinner together!

I went to Barcelona to Sevilla

Sevilla Street 

plaza de Espana, Sevilla

kinda of amazing scene.

Final City was  Lisboa, Portugal.

Luna        Rena

Ana,             Briskeen(Oragne)

They helped me so much in Lisboa and recommended many things.

Thank you for that and they learned Korean.

We had a really funny time at that time

Sorry for my English skills. 

And I was really glory to meet all of you guys.

Anyway We can meet later!

I will go your country or You will come to my Country.

I felt many things in my travel.

And I will go New Zealand with work holiday program by Korean Government.

It's my gooood news.




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